About Us

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Adeilad Cladding was established in January 1977 by Eirian Davies. It came about through wanting to build a new barn on the family farm. More materials than needed were ordered and on completion of the barn, the surplus stock was sold. This proved a successful venture and Eirian decided to continue selling sheeting from the farm.

In 1979, a hot air balloon was purchased and sign written to promote the business as well as to enjoy seeing the world from a great height. It is now a common sight in the area !

A few years passed and eventually, a new premises was needed to expand the business. Eirian managed to secure the present day site from the Co-op group. It was a good move and over the years the business has grown & grown.

In 2001 his son, Arwel , joined the company. In 2013, a new balloon was acquired and Arwel, following in his father’s footsteps became a qualified Balloon Pilot.

Ad-Clad, as it is known has provided work for many locals who make up a strong work force.